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Updated: June 16, 2020, 4:50 am

Types of Gamblers: Serious and Conservative

Gamblers can come in any gender, in any size and in any color. Just about anyone could potentially have it in them to become a gambler. The thrill is not limited to certain people but to anyone who wants to win big and hit the big times with a single roll of the die or spin of the wheel. Despite this amazing variety, they can be divided in to two gambler types.

Extreme, wild or serious gamblers are the type of gamblers for whom money is the real score. This type of gambler is the type to do serious and in depth research in games and currently the majority of these have been given the most screen time in Texas Hold'em poker, which is experiencing a long-running boom. For these Texas Hold'em players and other casino gamers of this type, the real fun lies in the bet, the bluff and the fickle hand of fate running in their favour. These type of gambler generally enjoys high risk sports such as skydiving and bungee jumping as well as investing in risky but his yield stock. Craps and blackjack are also their games, as well as the aforementioned Texas Hold'em.

Conservative or careful players are a type of gambler that go for a different thrill. Games are full of fun for a conservative player as they are for anyone else, but the cost is always on their mind. These are the type of gamblers that partition their bankrolls over a number of days, mediating the risk carefully. Other sports that these gambling types may enjoy are slow burn sports such as golf, chess or bowling. These are the players that play carefully and in Texas Hold'em or other poker variants, play tight-passively.

Essentially, the amount of emotion you want to put into the game can determine the type of gambler you end up being, which can determine how much money you put into the game. Look across the table, beyond the dice or beyond the cards and you can see just what kind of gamblers are across the table from you. Looking in the mirror can perhaps show you what kind of gambler you really are and can help determine in what kind of game you'll be willing to play, or what limits you want to see on your casino or Texas Hold'em table. No matter what type of gambler you are however, one thing remains constant - they all want to have fun.

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